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Toronto/New Jersey

Death of

the last modernist

2000 - 2011

While all of the elements for this large scale installation have been exhibited publicly, the entire installation has yet to be brought together in one space. The white cube "Premium Carpet Strip" was the cornerstone of my thesis exhibition titled Constructing After at the MacDonald Stewart Arts Centre, now the Art Gallery of Guelph. In these photos you can see the Cube installed in New Jersey at Grounds For Sculpture, hosted by the International Sculpture Centre. I continued to make this work over the next decade and showed it in various venues including the Chela Gallery in Baltimore and Georgia Scherman Projects in Toronto. The viewer must first pass through a series of anti tank barricade forms in "no man's land" which begin to fracture space and then walk through an altar  with six columns  that surround a coffin/crate. Beyond this is the white cube whose doorway leads to an interior with walls completely covered in carpet tack strip and bright red carpet on the floor. The space of the exhibit is used as a material and accentuated when the viewer, by stepping into the Cube becomes an object and a part of the installation themselves.

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